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Alphabetical Faculty Directory

Phone: +1 514 398 phone
Name Position Phone Office email
Brandenberger, Robert Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier I)
6512 ERP 332 rhb
Brunner, Thomas Assistant Professor brunner
Buchinger, Fritz Lecturer 6486 WON 0160 buchinger
Childress, Lily Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)
2292 ERP 431 childres
Clerk, Aashish Professor 5179 ERP 426 clerk
Cline, Jim Professor 5848 ERP 307 cline
Coish, Bill Assistant Professor 6525 ERP 409 coish
Cooke, David Assistant Professor 2766 ERP 414 cooke
Corriveau, François Professor 6515 ERP 330 corriveau
Cowan, Nicolas Assistant Professor 1967 MSI 202 cowan
Cumming, Andrew Associate Professor 6494 MSI 206 cumming
Dasgupta, Keshav Associate Professor 6498 ERP 321 keshav
Dobbs, Matt Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)
6500 MSI 103 mdobbs
François, Paul Assistant Professor 1635 ERP 221 paulf
Gale, Charles James McGill Professor 6495 ERP 318 gale
Gervais, Guillaume Professor 1545 ERP 412 gervais
Grant, Martin James McGill Professor 4980 ERP 432 grant
Grütter, Peter James McGill Professor 6483 ERP 432 grutter
Guo, Hong James McGill Professor 6530 ERP 416 guo
Haggard, Daryl Assistant Professor MSI 204 dhaggard
Hanna, David Macdonald Professor 6510 ERP 341 hanna
Hilke, Michael Associate Professor 3307 ERP 408 hilke
Holder, Gil Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)
7031 MSI 205 holder
Jeon, Sangyong Professor 6516 ERP 317 jeon
Kaspi, Victoria M. Professor
Lorne Trottier Chair
 in Astrophysics and Cosmology
Canada Research Chair (Tier I)
6412 MSI 203 kaspi
Leslie, Sabrina Assistant Professor 1835 ERP 214 sleslie
Lovejoy, Shaun Professor 6537 ERP 213 lovejoy
Maloney, Alexander Associate Professor
William Dawson Scholar
1417 ERP 316 maloney
Pereg-Barnea, Tami Assistant Professor 1687 ERP 427 tamipb
Provatas, Nikolas Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier I)
4479 ERP 310 provatas
Ragan, Kenneth Macdonald Professor 6518 ERP 344 ragan
Reisner, Walter Assistant Professor 3058 ERP 411 reisner
Robertson, Steven Associate Professor 1543 ERP 336 steven
Rutledge, Robert E. Associate Professor 6509 ERP 222 rutledge
Ryan, Dominic H. Professor 6534 ERP 425 ryan
Sankey, Jack Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)
6527 ERP 415 sankey
Siwick, Bradley Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)
5973 ERP 221 siwick
Sutton, Mark James McGill Professor 6523 ERP 215 mark
Vachon, Brigitte Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier II)
6478 ERP 342 vachon
Warburton, Andreas Associate Professor 6519 ERP 343 awarburt
Webb, Tracy Associate Professor 7226 MSI 030 webb
Wiseman, Paul Professor
Otto Maass Chair in Chemistry
6524/5354 ERP 410 wiseman

Adjunct Professors and Associate Members

Name Position Phone Office email
Austing, Guy Adjunct Professor guy dot austing at nrc dot ca
Bennewitz, Roland Adjunct Professor roland
Brouhard, Gary Associate Member 2984 gary dot brouhard at mcgill dot ca
Chacron, Maurice Associate Member 7493 maurice dot chacron at mcgill dot ca
Doyon, René Adjunct Professor doyon at astro dot umontreal dot ca
Drolet, François Adjunct Professor drolet
El Naqa, Issam Associate Member issam dot elnaqa at mcgill dot ca
Gehring, Kalle Associate Member 7287 kalle dot gehring at mcgill dot ca
Grisaru, Marc Adjunct Professor 7023 ERP 329 grisaru
Hernandez, Oscar Adjunct Professor 5342 ERP 327B oscarh
Kambhampati, Patanjali Associate Member pat dot kambhampati at mcgill dot ca
Khadra, Anmar Associate Member 1743 McIntyre 1120 akhadra at cnd dot mcgill dot ca
Mackey, M. Associate Member michael dot mackey at mcgill dot ca
Moore, Guy Adjunct Professor guymoore
Nadeau, Jay L. Associate Member jay dot nadeau at mcgill dot ca
Piché, Luc Adjunct Professor 5179 ERP 428 piche
Rassier, Dilson Associate Member 4184 #0558 475 Avenue des Pins dilson dot rassier at mcgill dot ca
Ronis, David Associate Member 5099 MAASS 426 ronis
Sachrajda, Andy Adjunct Professor andy dot sachrajda at nrc-cnrc dot gc dot ca
Seuntjens, Jan Associate Member 934-1934 #44124 jseuntjens at medphys dot mcgill dot ca
Szkopek, Thomas Associate Member 3040 McConnell 643 thomas dot szkopek at mcgill dot ca
Walcher, Johannes Adjunct Professor walcher

Emeritus Professors

Name Position Phone Office email
Altounian, Zaven Post-retirement Appointment 6535 ERP 415 altounian
Barrette, Jean Emeritus Professor 7030 ERP 110 jean dot barrette at mcgill dot ca
Crawford, John Emeritus Professor 7029 ERP 329 crawford
Das Gupta, Subal Emeritus Macdonald Professor 6499 ERP 319 dasgupta
de Takacsy, Nicholas Emeritus Professor 6497 ERP 319 detakacsy
Harris, Richard Emeritus Professor 6522 harris
Lam, C.S. Emeritus Rutherford Professor lam
Stairs, Douglas Emeritus Macdonald Professor 6517 ERP 315 stairs
Ström-Olsen, John Emeritus Professor 6527 ERP 428 stromolsen
Zuckermann, Martin Emeritus Macdonald Professor zuckermann