Keshav Dasgupta


Associate Professor in Physics (Jun 2010)

MSc: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India)
PhD: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (India)
Postdoc 1: Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ (USA)
Postdoc 2: Stanford University, Stanford CA (USA)
Visiting Asst Professor: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IL (USA)
Assistant Professor: McGill University (Sep 2005 - May 2010)
Associate Professor: McGill University (June 2010)


I have few different research interests:
  1. Superstring Theory: I'm basically interested in almost all aspects of string theory like compactifications, brane constructions, flux compactifications, M and F theories, string dualities, matrix theories, non-local theories etc. However my present interests have been in the areas of flux compactifications and aspects of gauge/gravity dualities.
  2. String cosmology: I have worked on string models that could be used to study inflation, early universe cosmology, primordial black holes, and cosmic and semi-local strings.
  3. Quantum field theories: I'm interested in studying generic theories with zero and non-zero beta functions, local and non-local quantum field theories etc. My recent interest has been on understanding the confining and de-confining dynamics of thermal QCD.
  4. Mathematics: I'm interested in various aspects of Algebraic geometry, group theory and differential geometry. Presently my work has been on analysing the mathematical structures of manifolds that are not Kahler or not complex. I'm also interested in the classification of Lie groups and its applications to string theory for studying global symmetries in gauge theories.


McGill University
Physics Department
3600 rue University
Montréal, Québec
H3A 2T8, Canada
e-mail:keshav at hep . physics . mcgill . ca
Office:Rutherford Physics Building, room 321
Phone:+1 514 398-6498
Fax:+1 514 398-8434


PHYS 551: Quantum Theory (Fall 2015)